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This website offers you the possibility to buy books from the publshing companies EUROPEAN AIRLINES, EAM BOOKS and FLYGLOSTER PUBLISHING.


Most of the books look at the history of the European airlines and airliners from the humble beginnings following WW1 until 1945.

EARM is run by Rob Mulder, who has written several books and numerous articles about civil aviation of this period. EAM Books is run by Günter Endres, Lennart Andersson and Rob Mulder, while FlyGloster Publication is run by Mats Averkvist.


His proudest achievement in Norway was to receive the award “Aviation Enthusiast of the Year” (2013). Furthermore, three of his books have been awarded “Norwegian Aviation Book of the Year” (2007, 2014 and 2018). One of his books was nominated "Swedish Aviation Book of the Year" (2016). His books provide a fascinating degree of insight. Image selection is usually truly excellent and very well reproduced, on good quality paper and often accompanied by some first-class colour profiles.



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